2017/2018 MRC Hydro Sustainability Project

Environmental Flow Consultant.
Scenarios (pathways) of progressive HP development in the Lower Mekong River were analysed using the DRIFT Database set up for the MRC Council (see below). The pathways considered under the SHDS2018 have a more nuanced approach. The “Design Mitigation”, “Prioritised” and “Preservation” (different forms of mitigation) pathways involve re-design, re-location or deferment to beyond 2040 of certain projects, either in response to regional power demand or to the need to balance trade-offs. An important aspect of the SHDS analysis was to ‘quantify’ the environmental impacts of the alternative pathways in a manner that was consistent with the Council Study analyses. The only way to do this was to the DRIFT (BioRA) model that was established and used for assessing environmental impacts in the Council Study. Using DRIFT allowed the team to directly compare the alternative SHDS pathways with the 2020 (M2) and 2040 (M3) Council Study scenarios.

Additional Info

  • client: Mekong River Commission(MRC)
  • from: 2017
  • to: 2018
  • country: SE Asia
  • region: Vietnam