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Quantifying the links between patterns of riparian vegetation and flow on South African rivers. Current knowledge, existing data from Reserve studies, and empirical evidence was synthesized to propose a naming convention, methods of identification and a description of the characteristics of lateral zonation patterns in riparian vegetation communities.

An audit of the riparian vegetation of the Koornlands River was undertaken to prepare an exotic plant clearing plan and indigenous riparian vegetation restoration strategy.

The impact of a proposed upgrade of the Charlesford weir and increased abstraction from the Knysna River on the Knysna River and estuary were assessed.

Appointed to do Ecological Flow determinations using DRIFT for two sites on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia, however, the ESIA was cancelled after the Client decided not to pursue the Mandaya Dam. Project Cancelled after Millenium Dam announced by Ethiopian Government.

Development of Decision Support System (DSS) software to automate the process for Environmental Flow Assessments.  The software is different from current DSSs in the field in that it fully incorporates the ecological, social and socio-economic aspects of management options to the same level of detail and sensitivity as the economic and engineering aspects.  The DSS is based on advances made in the DRIFT methodology through its application in Southern and East Africa.

Ecological Flow determinations using DRIFT for two sites on the Cunene River in northern Namibia.  The EFs will form an integral part of the ESIA for the proposed hydropower stations at Baynes Gorge.

Provision of environmental flow information to pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of surface water developments to augment the supply of water to Cape Town.  Joint Venture with Ninham Shand and Kwezi V3.

Freshwater specialist and advisor: A Feasibility Study and Pilot Project into the viability of the TMG Aquifer for bulk water supply to Cape Town, more particularly the deep confined portions of the Peninsula Formation.  Duties included evaluation of proposed well-field sites, design of a monitoring programme to assess future possible impacts of abstraction from the TMG aquifer on rivers and wetlands in the area and review of the subsequent monitoring activities, which have been outsourced.  This project is likely to continue into the future, to encompass establishment of pilot well-field and adaptive management of large-scale water abstraction for supply to Cape Town.