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Freshwater specialist and advisor: A Feasibility Study and Pilot Project into the viability of the TMG Aquifer for bulk water supply to Cape Town, more particularly the deep confined portions of the Peninsula Formation.  Duties included evaluation of proposed well-field sites, design of a monitoring programme to assess future possible impacts of abstraction from the TMG aquifer on rivers and wetlands in the area and review of the subsequent monitoring activities, which have been outsourced.  This project is likely to continue into the future, to encompass establishment of pilot well-field and adaptive management of large-scale water abstraction for supply to Cape Town.

Presenter and author:  Presentations and papers aimed at increasing the awareness and understanding of the role of river flow in the management of natural fisheries around the globe.

Reviewer of the methods, progress and reports from the Maguga Dam Environmental Flows Monitoring Programme for the Komati River downstream of the dam (Swaziland and South Africa).


Reviewer and EWR Advisor:  This study objective is to recommend a comprehensive Ecological Water Requirement (EWR), for water quality and quantity, for various reaches of the Komati River.

Researcher:  Contributor to reports and proposals for the CGIAR Comprehensive Assessment, in particular those pertaining to EFs.