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Project Manager: Development of a system for assessing the habitat integrity and ecological importance of rivers in the Western Cape to facilitate proactive steps to be taken

Project Manager: A project to develop a protocol for selection of reference and monitoring sites for the National Biomonitoring Programme.  Responsibilities included: organisation and co-ordination of a national workshop involving 21 river scientists, chairing workshop sessions, production of the proceedings of the workshop, technical design and decision making, production of a report on reference and monitoring site selection, presentations to the scientific community.  The National Biomonitoring Programme has now been running successfully for almost decade.

Project Leader: A project conducted in close liaison with Interested and Affected Parties to assess the water resource developments proposed in the Western Cape System Analysis in terms of the following:  the conservation status (habitat integrity), relative rehabilitation potential and relative ecological importance, within a regional context, of the rivers on which they are situated; the potential impacts of inundation on vegetation and fish; the viability of the projected yields of each scheme, from an environmental perspective and with respect to the needs of the downstream riverine ecosystems, taking into account their relative ecological importance.

Ecological specialist: Phase 1 of the Palmiet Catchment Management Plan (PCMP) had the following objectives: to identify and source existing information on the Palmiet River catchment that could be used to inform the PCMP; to summarise the nature of the existing information; to assess the reliability of the existing information and its applicability to the PCMP; to determine additional information required for the PCMP; to recommend actions required to gather the additional information; to provide a work programme and a cost estimate for the collection of the additional information.