2018 Rapid EFlows assessment for the lower reaches of the Kafue River, in particular the Kafue Flats and Kafue Gorge

Environmental Flow Consultant:The proposed approach was to make use of and build on work from the Zambezi Basin on behalf of ZAMCOM as part of the Zambezi Water Resources Information System (ZAMWIS) Enhancement 3 Project.The ZAMWIS approach to EFlows is to use existing DRIFT EFlows databases for the basin to establish relationships between driving hydrological and sediment indicators and responding ecosystem indicators.The idea is to use these to deliver a rapid EFlows assessment for the Kafue Flats and Kafue Gorge for use in ongoing planning initiatives by GFA in Zambia.

Additional Info

  • client: GFA Consulting Group GmbH
  • from: 2018
  • to: 2018
  • country: Zambia