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Researcher. Research Project aimed at: The development of predictive tools and indices to assess the impact (or risk of impact) of groundwater abstraction on the environment; improved understanding of groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) in the Table Mountain Group (TMG), development of innovative techniques to determine the impacts of groundwater abstraction on the environment; development of indicators to monitor the effect of abstraction; and improved understanding of the impact of changing low flows on freshwater ecology and the relationship between surface flow, event discharge from high-lying TMG unconfined aquifers and deep confined-aquifers in maintaining wetlands or seeps.

Chapter for a report on river master planning for the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources.

Reserve input to Breede River Catchment Management Strategy.

Update of a chapter in PipeDreams (WWF): Case Study 3, the Lesotho Highlands Water Project for World Water Week, Stockholm, Sweden.

Environmental Flow Specialist: Review of previous studies on environmental aquatic status (health) of the Incomati, Umbeluzi and Maputo Rivers and the Maputo Estuary. Estimation of estuarine flow requirements based on literature review and experiences from similar estuaries in Africa and overseas. Expert advice on aquatic ecology for the Environmental Screening of needed infrastructure to augment future water supply to the City of Maputo and its metropolitan area.

Aquatic ecologist: Describe potential for ecosystem service delivery. Describe key goods, services and attributes in relation to ecosystem (river/wetland or estuary) type (e.g. order) and health/integrity (A-F), location or any other easily obtainable spatial variables.

The Olifants Doring River Ecological Reserve and Resource Protection capacity building and training project is intended to support enforcement and monitoring of operating rules and compliance with the Ecological Reserve for the Olifants-Doring catchment through the transfer of the relevant technical information from these studies to the responsible DWAF staff and members of the proposed Olifants-Doorn Catchment Management Agency (CMA).

Environmental Flow Specialist: A comprehensive study of the water resources supplying the Knysna Metropolitan Area leading to a Strategy for meeting the town’s water requirements in a sustainable manner.

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