Aquatic ecologist: Describe potential for ecosystem service delivery. Describe key goods, services and attributes in relation to ecosystem (river/wetland or estuary) type (e.g. order) and health/integrity (A-F), location or any other easily obtainable spatial variables.

The Olifants Doring River Ecological Reserve and Resource Protection capacity building and training project is intended to support enforcement and monitoring of operating rules and compliance with the Ecological Reserve for the Olifants-Doring catchment through the transfer of the relevant technical information from these studies to the responsible DWAF staff and members of the proposed Olifants-Doorn Catchment Management Agency (CMA).

Integrated Flow Specialist: A series of workshops and meetings with Department of Water Affairs and Forestry dam operators and system managers aimed at identifying constraints on and opportunities for implementation of the Ecological Reserve, including: operating rules, on-job support mechanisms, communication channels, training, reporting, public liaison, compliance and monitoring infrastructure, and optimal use of available information platforms, such as HYDSTRA.

Advisor: Advisor on Reserve-related issues pertaining to Western Cape rivers, including determination, classification, operation rules and monitoring.

Reviewer of South African River Health Programme Reports in various river systems, including Olifants-Doring River, rivers of the Gourtiz Water Management Area, rivers of Cape Town and the Berg River.

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