2005 - 2006 Water Resources Classification System (WRCS)

Ecological Team Leader: The WRCS, which is required by the SA National Water Act (No. 36 of 1998), is a set of guidelines and procedures for determining the desired characteristics of a water resource, and is represented by a Management Class (MC). The MC outlines those attributes that the custodian (DWAF) and society require of different water resources. The WRCS is to be used in a consultative process to classify water resources to help facilitate a balance between protection and use of the nation’s water resources. The economic, social and ecological implications of choosing a MC will need to be established and communicated to all Interested and Affected Parties during the Classification Process.  The outcome of a Classification Process  using the WRCS is a target Health class for every significant water resource in a basin, plus a monitoring programme for evaluating future management of the basin.  The WRCS is currently undergoing the Gazetting Process for incorporation into South Africa’s water law.

Additional Info

  • client: Department of Water Affairs and Forestry: Project Planning
  • from: 2011
  • to: 2011
  • country: South Africa