2005 - 2006 LHWP: Instream Flow Requirements Monitoring Programme

Project Director:  The objectives of Contract LHDA 1237 were to ensure that LHDA’s biophysical monitoring programme was running smoothly, in that LHDA possessed the in-house capacity (i.e., in terms of data collection and analysis) to carry out all the tasks associated with IFR monitoring; data collection and analytical tasks were meeting the goals and objectives set out in the IFR Policy and Procedures and were providing information to: determine if the desired river conditions set out in the IFR Policy were being achieved; and if not; to provide information enable decisions to be made on appropriate action to be taken.

Additional Info

  • client: Lesotho Highlands Development Authority
  • from: 2011
  • to: 2011
  • country: Lesotho