1997 - 2002 Lesotho Highland Water Project: IFR Assessments for all phases

IFR Process Co-ordinator, Habitat Integrity Specialist and Group Leader: Determination of the Instream Flow Requirements of the Senqu, Matsoku and Malibamatso and Senqunyane Rivers, as part of the Feasibility studies for all four phases of the proposed Lesotho Highlands Water Project: Co-leader of all pre-project activities including project design, production of the project proposal and negotiations with the client.  Responsibilities include: co-ordination of an IFR Team of international scientists, co-ordination of all IFR activities, Habitat Integrity Assessment of the Senqu, Matsoku and Malibamatso and Senqunyane Rivers within the study area, report writing and compilation of all major reports.  This project led to the development of DRIFT and several other major projects with LHDA. Joint Venture with SMEC International.

Additional Info

  • client: Lesotho Highlands Development Authority
  • from: 2004
  • to: 2007
  • country: Lesotho